Large Group Services

We specialize in employee benefits for school districts, municipalities, and  private businesses of all sizes and types. This industry specialization enables us to provide the very best in targeted representation through experience, technical expertise, state-wide community engagement, and unparalleled market strength.  We provide employee benefits brokerage, consulting, optimization, and renewal management.  Additionally, we negotiate rates, resolve claims and billing issues, educate and assist employees, provide regulatory and compliance guidance, and provide access to enrollment and decision support technology solutions.

The value we bring to our clients rests to a large degree on the strength of our relationships with insurance carriers, and our ability to provide our clients with cost effective, quality employee benefits programs backed by responsive and accurate customer service.

  • Benefits brokerage, consulting, optimization, and renewal management: With offices throughout New Jersey & Pennsylvania we are positioned to offer clients a local presence and understanding, while leveraging our global standing in the employee benefits marketplace.  As market conditions change, we continually evaluate what products are available to our clients and identify the best solutions based on the specific needs of each client.
  • Utilization/claims review and analysis: Our account management teams examine monthly, quarterly, and/or annual claims experiences depending on business or organization group size and insurance carrier reporting guidelines.
  • Financial review and identification of cost saving strategies: We conduct a complete review of an existing employee benefit plan including: benefit levels, claims experience, funding arrangements, and contractual obligations to identify group specific trends and help determine a realistic budget estimate.
  • Develop a long-term employee benefits and cost containment strategy based on utilization: We explore cost containment measures that will positively impact a business’s future claims experience, and develop a long-term employee benefit plan strategy.

Evaluation of available insurance products, both current and new, to provide the best solutions available:  As market conditions are constantly changing, our firm consistently evaluates what insurance products are available, and identifies new options to provide our clients with the best solutions available.

Competitive quoting: We compare and contrast submitted proposals with current programs while placing particular emphasis on benefits and financials, as well as, network access and benefits administration.

Underwriting and rate negotiation with current and alternative carriers:  We thoroughly analyze the claims experience and underwriting formula and negotiate, in most cases, directly with the underwriting management of the insurance carriers to provide our clients with the best possible rates.

Provide customized benefits comparison for open enrollment:  We provide onsite employee education and enrollment meetings.  If a new insurance carrier is being implemented, we create and distribute a customized open enrollment brochure and benefits comparison at open enrollment, distribute detailed instructions on how to enroll, and who to contact from our firm with any questions or problems.

Data Analytics

Additional Services & Solutions

  • Employee Benefits Consulting & Brokerage
  • Labor Relations & Human Resources (HR) Support
  • Client Services & Claims Adjudication Support
  • Compliance & Regulatory Guidance
  • Enrollment & Decision Support Technology
  • Public Entities &Public Employer Trust Plans
  • Private Entities
  • Insurance Products
  • Property & Casualty Insurance

Employee Benefits Consulting & Brokerage: we offer targeted representation through experience, technical expertise and unparalleled market strength.  Brokerage, consulting, renewal management; claims review & analysis; review & cost saving strategies; competitive quoting, and rate negotiation.

Labor Relations & Human Resources Support:Coordination of new carrier implementation processes including onsite employee education and enrollment meetings with the goal to create an environment that will allow for a smooth transition, as well as guidance on State and Federal regulations (i.e., FMLA, COBRA, PPACA, HIPAA, ERISA, NJ Family Leave Act).

Client Service & Claims Adjudication: Our dedicated account management team provides day to day client service to contact with questions, new carrier implementation meetings,  onsite employee education & enrollment meetings, distribution of enrollment procedures, resolve administrative and (elevated) claims issues, health & wellness campaigns, Benefit Resource Cards, and an Online Benefits Center.

Compliance & Regulatory Guidance: Continual monitoring of any health, prescription drug, dental, vision, and other insurance industry legislative activity that could affect our clients’ current benefit plans.  Guidance, consultation and updates of legislative activity, as well as State and Federal regulations; updates on PPACA (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) and the implications to private sector businesses; assist with obtaining an ERISA (Employee Retirement Security Income Act) compliant Summary Plan Description (SPD).

Enrollment Decision & Support Technology: We deliver solutions that best fits each clients’ needs to create efficiencies within their organizations and enhance the employee’s experience with their benefit plans.  These current and emerging technologies simplify Human Resources by consolidating systems that manage HR, benefit plans, and payroll.