Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits: Are you worried about the impact of the rising cost of healthcare on your ability to offer benefits in the future? Is your benefit offering plans helping you to attract & retain key employees? A Creative Benefits voluntary benefit strategy can fill gaps in core benefit offerings while providing greater cost control and protect your employees from financial risks.

Voluntary Benefits Plans Help Employers:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Create positive employee relationships
  • Improve employee financial security
  • Encourage better employee job satisfaction

Voluntary benefits are employee-paid, enabling you to add an entire suite of important employee benefits at little or no cost… while helping your employees meet their needs at their different stages of their careers.

Voluntary / Ancillary Benefits: The health of the employees impacts their performance. That explains why employers provide health insurance. Once an employer gets sick, health care is given to him or her through insurance so that he or she can recuperate and join the workforce again. However, a basic health insurance might not be enough.

Ancillary benefits are additions to a health insurance provided by an employer to his or her employees. These additions to the health plan are often the following: vision care, dental care, and life insurance. The employer can subsidize this plan might ask the employers to contribute to it. These benefits are then added to an already existing group health insurance.

Eyesight plays a big role in one’s job. The ubiquitous use of computers in the workplace, for instance, might have hastened the loss of a perfect vision. Underrating dental care also leaves a number of people perplexed since dental work is quite expensive. Also, dental or eye check-up might reveal results that can affect a person’s overall health. Lastly, an argument for life insurance is the unforeseen death of an employee, leaving his or her family with a substantial loss of income. If he or she is the sole breadwinner, that may represent a total loss of income.

Below is a listing of some of the Worksite Voluntary Benefits we offer:

  • Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Individual Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Group Universal Life Insurance
  • Group Whole Life Insurance
  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Group Critical Illness Insurance
  • Specified Critical Illness Insurance

Creative Benefits works with a variety of Voluntary carriers who offer products designed to help employees deal with the financial impact of life-changing events. Life insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental, Vision & supplemental health insurance plans enrich a company’s benefits portfolio and add no direct cost to the employer.

Many of our carriers offer negotiated discounts for employers while the benefit is paid for by the employees. Many of these plans can be designed with little or no out of pocket outlay for the employers.  This is a great way to position a valuable benefit to your employees without any added expense the employer. Contact us today to design a customized benefit solution for your group.